Middle School Program

Cyber Foundations

The standards included in the Cyber Foundations curriculum are the 21st Century Skills, the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S), and the Common Core standards. Combining these standards to create this document will result in highly skilled, well-rounded students who are prepared to enter secondary education with the technology and career planning skills necessary. The Cyber Foundations curriculum is not only a technology course. Students in this course will research and analyze collected data to make educated decisions about relevant topics. Students will be required to think critically and work together in groups to finalize documents and assignments. Students will be required to communicate effectively in the classroom and in the workplace. The Cyber Foundations curriculum provides multiple opportunities to enhance these academic skills. In addition, the curriculum prepares students for the 21st-century workforce by incorporating the 21st Century Literacy Skills. The students will be exposed to all elements of 21st-century learning: information, culture, visual, and media.

Ms. Jarrell and Ms. Kelly are the Cyber Foundations instructors. They have --- years of teaching experience combined.