The Student of the Month will receive special parking privileges and other CTE incentives.

Natcha Saelee is a
Teacher Academy year 1 student.

Natcha was nominated by
Mrs. Reese who stated,
"Natcha is a Teacher Academy Year 1 student. She has a positive attitude and an excellent work ethic.  She is kind, respectful, and supportive to her classmates. Natcha goes out of her way to always give her best in every situation and never tires of helping others."


Haily Dearman is an
Early Childhood Education year 2 student.

Haily was nominated by
Mrs. Long who stated,
"Haily is a second year ECE student who always works hard, has a great attitude, and is dependable. Haily shows great work ethic and professionalism inside the classroom, in the Little Devil Preschool, as well as on Field Experiences off campus. Haily often volunteers to do extra work just to be helpful."



Levi Burge is a
Welding year 1 student.

Levi was nominated by
Mr. McRaney who stated,
"Levi is a first year Welding student that has caught on to welding very quickly. He works hard in the classroom and in the shop to get his work done. Levi does a great job with peer teaching by being able to help some of his classmates that may struggle with the welding process."