The Student of the Month will receive special parking privileges and other CTE incentives.


Jade Bennett is an
Information Technology year 1 student.

Jade was nominated by
Mr. Hammen who stated,
"Jade comes to class everyday prepared to work and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is focused on what she is working on and strives to accomplish her tasks to perfection. She serves as a role model for other classmates and takes the lead on projects and tasks when asked."



Bailey Blanchard is an
Health Science year 2 student.

Bailey was nominated by
Mrs. Spence who stated, "She is a Health Science II student who was nominated for her outstanding work ethics. Bailey’s integrity, hard work, dedication & compassion  exemplifies professionalism that is needed for success in the healthcare field & life."


Xavier Brown is a
Early Childhood Education year 2 student.

Zae was nominated by
Mrs. Long who stated,
"Zae has jumped right into his 2nd year in Early Childhood Education with a lot of enthusiasm. He works hard and prepares each week for his lab time. Each day he and the Little Devil Preschoolers look forward to visiting and spending time together. He is a great role model for the 3 and 4 year old preschoolers and has a great rapport with them."



Ric Guccione is an 
Information Technology year 1 student.

Ric was nominated by Mr. Hammen who stated, "Ric is an amazing student who works very hard in everything that is put in front of him in class. He will take the lead on projects and strives to do the best he possibly can in class. Ric has stated that he wants to go into the IT field and has shown the technical skill and ability that he will need to be successful. Ric carries with him an attitude that if he doesn't know something he will learn it and once he learns it he shares it with others."

Joshua Theady is an
Culinary Arts year 2 student.

Josh was nominated by
Mr. McCardle who stated, "He's an outstanding student, hard worker and always willing to go the extra mile to help for any event we are catering. He is planning on continuing his career in Culinary Arts by enrolling in Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in the fall. He plans to major in Culinary Arts and wants to travel the country while honing his culinary skills and then open his own restaurant."


Natcha Saelee is a
Teacher Academy year 1 student.

Natcha was nominated by
Mrs. Reese who stated,
"Natcha is a Teacher Academy Year 1 student. She has a positive attitude and an excellent work ethic.  She is kind, respectful, and supportive to her classmates. Natcha goes out of her way to always give her best in every situation and never tires of helping others."