The Student of the Month will receive CTE incentives.


Marco Gomez is a
Health Science year 2 student.

Marco was nominated by
Mrs. Spence who stated,
"He is well respected and a leader among his peers. He has a positive attitude, determination and genuine character of integrity.  Marco is an excellent student that strives to succeed in everything he does. He has a compassion for others that is an essential quality of any excellent healthcare professional."


Hailey Muehe is a
Culinary Arts year 2 student.

Hailey was nominated by
Mr. McCardle who stated,
"She is a very positive young lady who is currently working in the baking industry and hopes to continue preparing tasty baked goods as a career after high school."


Isaac Lee is a
Teacher Education year 2 student.

Isaac was nominated by
Mrs. Reese who stated,
"Issac is of good character, caring, always respectful of others, and takes every opportunity to help in any way possible."