The Student of the Month will receive CTE incentives.


Jade Bennett is a
Information Technology year 2 student.

Jade was nominated by
Mr. Hammen who stated,
"She continuously strives to go above and beyond what is required of her.  She works hard at everything she does and is more than willing to help her classmates when they need help.  She has stepped up whenever she has been asked to take on an extra task.  She will excel and be a genuine benefit wherever she goes in the IT industry."



Hailey Muehe is a
Culinary Arts year 2 student.

Hailey was nominated by
Mr. McCardle who stated,
"She is a very positive young lady who is currently working in the baking industry and hopes to continue preparing tasty baked goods as a career after high school."



Rachel Spradley is a
Early Childhood Education year 2 student.

Rachel was nominated by
Mrs. Long who stated,
"Rachel is hard working, shows great initiative and work ethic! She volunteers to help with other tasks in addition to her classwork. She can always be depended on to give 100% effort on any task. Ms Sabrina has even described her preschool lab performance as being equal to having 2 lab students at once! Keep up the great work. You are surely going to be a future CTE success story!"



Isaac Lee is a
Teacher Education year 2 student.

Isaac was nominated by
Mrs. Reese who stated,
"Issac is of good character, caring, always respectful of others, and takes every opportunity to help in any way possible."



Marco Gomez is a
Health Science year 2 student.

Marco was nominated by
Mrs. Spence who stated,
"He is well respected and a leader among his peers. He has a positive attitude, determination and genuine character of integrity.  Marco is an excellent student that strives to succeed in everything he does. He has a compassion for others that is an essential quality of any excellent healthcare professional."